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St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center is a complex that has grown and evolved since its development. In that time, its growth has been supported by the Auxiliary, a group of more than 1,000 members who work to support the needs of the St. Joseph's. St. Joseph’s also has an affiliation with Franciscan Companies, a group that provides medical supplies, equipment and more.


From a 15-bed hospital to a 431-bed hospital health center that encompasses a 16-county service area with many outpatient and inpatient programs, satellites and affi liated organizations, St. Joseph’s has evolved into a system of health care services.

More than a facility for inpatients, St. Joseph’s health care system puts the patient at the center of its activities. Health care services are available wherever patients are on the health continuum. The interconnection among St. Joseph’s many programs and services allows those patients who need one or more services to receive them in a coordinated, continuous way.

Not only does a network of services make it easier and more convenient for patients, but it also allows St. Joseph’s to offer a complete array of high quality services and fulfill the values of our mission: stewardship, compassion, reverence, excellence and integrity.

Commitment to the Community

As an integral part of the Syracuse and Central New York community for nearly 145 years, St. Joseph’s provides quality care compassionately to the sick and injured. St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center is financially and philosophically committed to providing the best possible health care services at a reasonable cost and to those persons unable to afford them. St. Joseph’s accepts all patients without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or source of payment..

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